The company

History of Traxa starts more than 10 years ago from a revolutionary idea for that time: give to our partners the best instruments to access anytime and anywhere to all information necessary for the correct deployment of their activity.

This idea anticipated the times and included already the seeds of future concepts that, in the coming years, would have been better developed in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Traxa evolved in the years developing a proprietary platform that permits to realize complex traceability projects and information management. The platform is based on two basic aspects: the first is focused on management activities, the second gives to operators quick and simple instruments to simplify daily activities.

In Traxa we are convinced that these two aspects have to be linked, and we continuously follow technological progress, always introducing innovative instruments and guidelines of our solutions. This allows us to be considered technological partners of the companies with which we cooperate: one of the features of our DNA.

Despite the experience already acquired, Traxa is a young and dynamic company, with one great ambition: become a benchmark to contact in case of problems or new solutions to find.

In addition, in recent years our Company has further evolved thanks to the experience and skills acquired in the domain of Industrial IoT, becoming a reference point for major industrial and technological partners looking for solution providers experienced in business process optimization. This growth has led us to join forces with two of the most dynamic and innovative startups awarded the past few months, Kiunsys ( and Cloudesire ( to form a new structure capable of responding to modern requirements.

Business world is always evolving and Traxa is able to drive companies to success.